In-House Site Planning

In-House Site Planning


As part of the overall building design, TDI’s teams assess the building site and the building requirements. In developing their plans they ensure the site is a sound investment for the type of structure being developed. Our architectural teams study the vegetation, ecosystems, topography, soil conditions, site’s drainage, solar paths and wind patterns and determine the effect of each on the building. Our architectural teams’ main goals are to maximize the site’s potential while minimizing development expenditures.

Our architectural teams have adopted environmentally sound practices which include:

  • Protect and conserve water
  • Control water runoff
  • Minimize habitat disturbance
  • Protection of open spaces
  • Reduce erosion risk

Our architectural teams are very energy conscious. They look at natural factors such as sun exposure, natural ventilation and passive solar heating to insure your building is placed to optimize the energy use from these natural features.

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